Our System

We are the day traders who created and use the exact same product you will be using. Strategistock was borned out of our need to be more strategic, organized, and emotionless in our day trading activities. We utilize it to manage our own investments and we thought it will be great if we could share this with all day traders. We are initially launching exclusively for e-Trade account holders, but will continue to expand to other trading platforms based on demand.

How can we help you succeed?

Our system continously evaluates your strategy and exits/re-enters positions without you having to be glued to your screens several hours a day.

  • We ARE NOT a trading platform, but rather leverage your trading platform (Currently only E-Trade).
  • We DO NOT provide investment advise, or alerts.
  • We DO NOT dictate when to enter a position, or when to exit it.
  • We DO help exiting/re-entering positions, once you have (1) Defined your Strategy and (2) Started an Initial Position (Buy Order) Using our system. (No short selling at this time)

How it works

we connect Strategistock to your trading platform (Currently E-Trade only) and help you execute your day-trading strategies. It is like making your browser your own personal assistant who is constantly evaluating stock price and making decisions according to your strategies. If a strategy is not working out for you, you can always stop the strategy and continue managing your position from your trading platform. You are always in full control of your money!

Get your day back

Turn your browser into a powerful day trading assistant. Let it focus on running your strategies and you can focus on defining strategies and picking stocks and entry points.

Never miss a run

Once you enter a position, Strategistock will continously monitor and execute strategies based on your pre-defined rules

Be in control

You can start/stop/restart your strategies at any point in time. All orders go through your trading platform (E-Trade) making it easier to take over your position from Strategistock.

Become a better day trader

Emotion trader applies to the amount you invest, when to invest it, when to take gains, and when to accept losses. Well defined strategies can help maximize your gains and prevent big losses.

Create your account today!

Let Strategistock help you with your day trading activities. There is no cost creating your account, no cost for paper trading. When you are ready to start using Strategistock with your live trading account, we have multiple levels of membership available for all budgets, and you can cancel at any time.

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